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Build a new toy. Hack a robot. Years of learning and fun with Mark Rober!

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Thinking like an engineer means you're resilient. It's getting back up after being knocked down and approaching things differently. That determination helps kids tackle everyday challenges and it's the same determination that puts rovers on other dang planets!

- Mark Rober

NASA engineer for the Curiosity Mars Rover, public enemy #1 of neighborhood squirrels, & creator of the sparkliest glitter bomb pranks

Gift a Build Box or Hack Pack Subscription

Gift a Build Box or Hack Pack Subscription

Know any little geniuses who would love to join us? Gift them up to a year's worth of CrunchLabs awesomeness!


Best gift! He had the box open and was building within moments of receiving it. Then he showed his siblings and his neighborhood friends just how cool it was!


Verified Reviewer

My daughter LOVES building these. It really is something she looks forward to every month.


Verified Reviewer

From CrunchLabs boxes to National Invention Convention! I cannot thank Mark Rober enough for fostering a love and passion for building and STEM in my kids.


Verified Reviewer

I just completed Year 1! And I was awarded the Most Passionate Engineer last year in 6th grade. Thanks for making engineering fun.


Verified Reviewer

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