The CrunchLabs Affiliate Program

Help us grow, and make the world a better place by teaching the next generation how to think and build like an engineer!


Affiliate Program Details

What is CrunchLabs (and why should you join)?

CrunchLabs, founded by Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer turned YouTuber, presents an exhilarating monthly STEM toy subscription box specially crafted for young adventurers.

Each subscription unlocks access to a YouTube video filled with mind-blowing science experiments that spark curiosity and wonder. Every month, our toys and their thrilling videos revolve around a unique engineering concept or superpower, transforming learning into an electrifying and educational journey that propels children to "Think Like an Engineer™." Our packages include meticulously crafted, easy-to-follow instruction booklets, while the exclusive videos provide step-by-step guidance. Armed with these videos, the instruction booklet, and a hearty dose of determination, kids embark on a thrilling odyssey of independent building, learning, and play that knows no bounds.

Join us in this adventure of discovery! We look forward to partnering with you to inspire young minds and foster a love for STEM learning.

Affiliate Perks:

✅ Earn up to 10% commission on the first order for Build Box subscriptions.

✅ Access to Product Feed, text links, and more to enhance your promotional efforts.

✅ 30-Day Cookie for extended commission potential.

✅ A dedicated account management team is available at to provide support and guidance!

PR inquiries? Please shoot us an email at instead!

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