CrunchLabs Build Box Platinum Ticket Sweepstakes

Official Rules

To play this Instant Win Game, you must agree to and abide by these Official Rules.

  • Sponsor: CrunchLabs LLC, 649 Grape Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 (“Sponsor”). 

  • Administrator: Probability LLC, 2 Woodstock Meadow Ln, PO Box 1484, Woodstock, NY 12498 (“Administrator”).

  • Eligibility: The CrunchLabs Platinum Ticket Instant Win Game ("Promotion”) is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. who are at least eighteen (18) years of age (or age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, whichever is older). Any individuals (including but not limited to employees, consultants, independent contractors, and interns) who have, within the past six (6) months, performed services for Sponsor, Administrator, any organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising, promoting the Promotion or supplying the prizes and/or their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated, and successor companies (collectively, the "Promotion Entities"), and immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to play or win. In addition, Mr. Mark Rober and his immediate family and household members are not eligible to play or win. "Immediate family members" shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses, regardless of where they live. "Household members" shall mean people who share the same residence at least three (3) months a year, whether related or not. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

  • How to Enter: Sponsor has already produced the initial series of 12 CrunchLabs build boxes (“Build Boxes #1-12"). From June 1, 2023 until May 31, 2024, Sponsor will produce new CrunchLabs Build Boxes on a monthly basis; (“Build Boxes #13-24”). Each month will feature its own independent instant win game (the “Promotion Period”). An individual’s participation in the Promotion depends on whether (or not) they are a pre-existing CrunchLabs subscriber who has received Build Boxes #1-12.("Pre-existing Subscriber”). If an individual is NOT an Pre-existing Subscriber and has not yet received the full initial series of CrunchLabs Build Boxes #1-12, they will receive one (1) entry/Platinum Ticket Game Piece (while supplies last) for each Build Box received during the Promotion Period (Limit of four (4) entries per family/household per month for non Pre-existing Subscribers). If an individual IS a Pre-existing subscriber who has not yet received all twelve (12) Build Boxes from #1-12 prior to the start of the Promotion Period, they will receive one (1) entry/Platinum Ticket Game Piece (while supplies last) for each build box #1-12 that they have not yet received and then two (2) entries/Platinum Ticket Game Pieces (while supplies last) for each Build Box #13-24 with a maximum of eight (8) entries/Platinum Ticket Game Pieces (while supplies last) per family/household per month of the Promotion Period. If an individual IS a Pre-existing subscriber who has received all twelve (12) Build Boxes from #1-12 prior to the start of the Promotion Period, they will receive two (2) entries/Platinum Ticket Game Pieces (while supplies last) for each Build Box #13-24 with a maximum of eight (8) entries/Platinum Ticket Game Pieces (while supplies last) per family/household per month of the Promotion Period. 

    To subscribe, navigate the internet to To find out if you are a winner, locate your Platinum Ticket Game Piece on the back of the instruction manual of your CrunchLabs build box. Non-winning Platinum Ticket Game Pieces will include the message, “Unfortunately this time you are not a prize winner” or similar wording. Winning Platinum Ticket Game Pieces will include a “Congratulations!” message with specific instructions how to claim the prize.

    Any unclaimed/forfeited Prizes will be awarded in a Second Chance Drawing (the “Second Chance Drawing”) from among all eligible persons who received a non-winning Platinum Ticket Game Piece (whether via purchase of a CrunchLabs build box or mail-in request) for the applicable month. If necessary, Second Chance Drawing will be conducted on or about three (3) business days following the applicable prize claim deadline by Administrator, an independent judging organization whose decisions are final and binding on all matters related to this Promotion. Potential winners selected in the Second Chance Drawing (if any) will be notified via e-mail address as provided at time of purchase of CrunchLabs build box or in mail-in request (as applicable). If necessary, the process will continue until a Winner for the applicable month is confirmed. 

    Odds of winning Grand Prize via Second Chance Drawing (if applicable) depend on the number of eligible persons who received a non-winning Platinum Ticket Game Piece for a given month of the Promotion Period. 

    Be sure to carefully review the terms of the subscription before purchasing same; without limitation, the monthly and annual subscription will be automatically renewed and your credit card, debit card or other payment instrument will automatically be billed by Sponsor

  • No Purchase Method of Entry: To obtain one (1) free Platinum Ticket Game Piece (while supplies last), on a 3”x5” card handprint your first and last name, complete mailing address, e-mail address, daytime phone number and date of birth, and mail along with a separate, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: “Platinum Ticket Request”, c/o Probability LLC, c/o Probability, PO Box D, Social Circle, GA 30025-1559. Limit eight (8) requests per family/household, per month and per outer stamped envelope for a total of ninety-six (96) requests per family/household for the Promotion Period. To be eligible to receive the Platinum Ticket Game Piece for a given month (provided supplies last), the request must be postmarked by the first business day of the following month and received seven (7) days later. For June 2023, September 2023, December 2023 and June 2024,  as the first day of the following month falls on a Saturday/Sunday/Holiday, the request must be postmarked by the next business day and the request must be received seven (7) days later: for June 2023 requests must be postmarked by July 3, 2023 and received by July 11, 2023, for  September 2023, requests must be postmarked by October 2, 2023 and received by October 10, 2023; for December 2023, requests must be postmarked by January 2, 2024 and received by January 9, 2024, For June 2024, requests must be postmarked by June 3, 2024 and received by June 10, 2024. For June 2023 and August 2023, due to the Independence Day and Labor Day Holidays respectively, requests may be received one (1) day later than the seven (7) day period set forth above: for June 2023, requests must be received by July 11, 2023; for August 2023, requests must be received by September 11, 2023. Vermont residents only need not affix return postage. 



Mail in Entry Postmarked & Received by Dates

June 2023

7/3/23 & 7/11/23

July 2023

8/1/23 & 8/8/23

August 2023

9/1/23 & 9/11/23

September 2023

10/2/23 & 10/10/23

October 2023

11/1/23 & 11/8/23

November 2023

12/1/23 & 12/8/23

December 2023

1/2/24 & 1/9/24

January 2024

2/1/24 & 2/8/24

February 2024

3/1/24 & 3/8/24

March 2024

4/1/24 & 4/8/24

April 2024

5/1/24 & 5/8/24

May 2024

6/10/24 & 6/30/24

Limit of eight (8) entries per family/household per month regardless of the entry method.

  • Prize Claim Deadline: Entrants who receive a physical winning Platinum Ticket Game Piece will have forty-five (45) days to follow the instructions printed on the ticket to claim their prize. You are not a Prize winner unless and until your official Platinum Ticket Game Piece has been verified by the Administrator, in accordance with these Official Rules and you have otherwise complied with all requirements of these Official Rules. 

  • Verification: All Platinum Ticket Game Pieces and/or Prize claims are subject to verification. If Platinum Ticket Game Piece is verified by Sponsor/Administrator, potential winner’s eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules still must be verified as per Section 5 below in order for participant to be determined a Prize winner. Platinum Ticket Game Pieces are void and will be rejected if they contain printing, typographical, mechanical or other errors or are otherwise printed/produced in error. Platinum Ticket Game Pieces are also void (and will be rejected) if not obtained through authorized, legitimate channels, or if any part is defective, illegible, altered, duplicated, photocopied, reproduced, forged, counterfeited, defaced, mutilated or tampered with in any way or if they contain or are the result of printing, digital, electronic, typographical, mechanical or other error. Platinum Ticket Game Pieces may contain special anti-fraud security markings. Sponsor’s sole responsibility with respect to any irregular Platinum Ticket Game Piece is replacement with another randomly selected Platinum Ticket Game Piece for the applicable month (provided supplies last). The sale (via auction or otherwise), trading, transfer, assignment, combining or barter of any Platinum Ticket Game Piece (or CrunchLabs build box containing a Platinum Ticket Game Piece) is subject to written approval by Sponsor. Platinum Ticket Game Pieces are non-transferable, have no cash value, and may not be purchased or redeemed for cash or credit. Platinum Ticket Game Pieces may only be used in a manner consistent with, and as stated in, these Official Rules; any other use (or attempted use) of Platinum Ticket Game Pieces constitutes fraud. In the event that more than one (1) Platinum Ticket Game Piece with the “Congratulations!” message is distributed for a given month of the Promotion Period due to printing, digital, electronic, typographical, mechanical or other error (or any other reason) resulting in more than one (1) prize claim for that month, the Grand Prize for that month will be awarded via a random drawing from among all eligible prize claimants for that month’s Grand Prize (provided that such month’s Grand Prize has not already been awarded.) In no event will more than one (1) Grand Prize be awarded per month of the Promotion Period.


  • Winner Verification: Winners will be required to complete and return to Sponsor (or Administrator) by the deadline specified in the documents a written Declaration or Affidavit of Eligibility, Release and Indemnification, a Publicity Release, a W-9 tax form and a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) (collectively “Prize Claim Documents”) where allowed by law, releasing officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives of Promotion Entities as well as Mr. Mark Rober from any liability in connection with this Promotion or the use or misuse or possession of any Prize. If the Prize Claim Documents are not returned to Sponsor within the specified time period, potential winner may be disqualified and the corresponding Grand Prize will be awarded via the Second Chance Drawing as per Section 4 above. 

  • Prizes, Approximate Retail Values (ARVs) and Odds of Winning: There are a total of twelve (12) Grand Prizes, with one (1) Grand Prize available per month of the Promotion Period (each a “Grand Prize” or collectively “Grand Prizes”).

  • Grand Prize: Each Grand Prize consists of a (3) day/ (2) night trip for the winner and three (3) guests to visit CrunchLabs with Mark Rober (“Trip”). ARV of each Grand Prize: $4,500. Trip includes: 
    • Round-trip coach air transportation for four (4) from the major commercial airport closest to winner’s residence (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to Mountain View, California.
    • Accommodations for three (3) days / two (2) nights (one (1) standard room with quadruple occupancy) at a hotel to be selected by Sponsor, at its sole discretion.
    • Round-trip ground transportation between San Jose, San Francisco, or Oakland airport and the hotel and between hotel and CrunchLabs in Mountain View, California.

      Odds of winning a Grand Prize depend on the number of CrunchLab Subscription Build Boxes sold each month and number of Mail In Entries received each month during the Promotion Period.
  • Additional Prize Restrictions: LIMIT: ONE (1) PRIZE PER PERSON/FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD. 

    All Grand Prize trips must be completed within one (1) year from date Grand Prize winner is confirmed but no later than June 30, 2024. Travel dates subject to approval by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Grand Prize winners must provide Sponsor with three (3) possible travel dates with at least six (6) weeks' advanced notice prior to the earliest potential date of departure. Grand Prize winner may not receive his/her first choice of travel dates. All travel dates and arrangements are subject to change, availability and other restrictions. Once travel is booked, travel dates cannot be changed unless by Sponsor in its sole discretion. If a winner is unable to travel once the travel dates are booked, the prize will be forfeited in its entirety and Sponsor will have no further obligation to the Grand Prize winner. 

    If a winner’s residence is within one hundred (100) miles of Mountain View, California as determined by Administrator in its sole discretion, ground transportation will be provided in lieu of air travel and no substitute prize or compensation will be awarded.

    Guest(s) of the Grand Prize Winner (if a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) must sign and return a Liability Release and a Publicity Release as well as an NDA (where legal) prior to issuance of travel documents. Any Guest who is a minor must be accompanied by his/her parent or legal guardian who must be the Grand Prize winner or another guest of Grand Prize winner. If winner does not have three (3) guests accompany him/her on the Trip, the prize will otherwise be awarded in increments appropriate for actual number of travelers; and, in such event, no substitute prize or additional compensation will be awarded to winner.

    Participation of Mr. Rober in Trip is subject to availability. Sponsor’s representative(s) and other individuals may also be present at all times. If Mr. Rober is not available for any reason, the entire liability of Sponsor and Administrator will consist of the remaining elements of the Grand Prize. Conversely, should Mr. Rober participate in Trip, Mr. Rober may (or may not) in his sole discretion autograph items for winner and guest(s) and/or pose for videos or photographs for winner and guest(s). 

    Winner and all guests must conduct themselves at all times in an appropriate, well-behaved and socially responsible manner during the Trip. The preceding includes abiding by all applicable laws/regulations as well as private entity requirements established to prevent the spread of COVID-19/Coronavirus, including participation in activity being conditioned upon social distancing, wearing a facial covering, undergoing a COVID-19/Coronavirus test which comes back with a negative result or providing satisfactory proof of full vaccination against COVID-19/Coronavirus, as applicable. In addition, winner and all guests must act in a respectful and courteous manner toward Mr. Rober as well as following all instructions of CrunchLabs LLC as to visiting its offices, which may include one or more of the following: a prohibition on recording; agreement to be recorded; signing a confidentiality agreement; wearing appropriate attire. Any violation of the preceding requirements may result in immediate termination of Trip without liability of any kind to Sponsor or Administrator, as well as exposing winner and guests to potential legal liability.  

    Grand Prize Winner is solely responsible for all other expenses related to the trips not specified herein, including but not limited to baggage fees, meals, beverages, tips, taxes, and travel insurance. Grand Prize winner and guest(s) must travel together on specified itinerary, including same departure location and date, and return location and date or applicable trip may be forfeited in its entirety. Airline tickets are non-refundable/non-transferable and are not valid for upgrades and/or frequent flyer miles. All airline tickets are subject to the vagaries of flight variation, work stoppages, and schedule or route changes. Sponsor is not liable for any expenses incurred as a consequence of flight cancellation/delay. Certain documentation and requirements may be necessary for travel, such as photo identification. Grand Prize winner and his/her guest(s) are solely responsible for any documentation and requirements and determining applicable procedures and restrictions prior to departure. Winner and guest(s) must provide their own transportation to and from their departure airport. 

    No substitution or transfer of prize (or portion thereof) except with Sponsor's permission or where required by law. If for any reason any announced prize (or portion thereof) becomes unavailable for any reason, Sponsor in its sole discretion may award a substitute prize/prize component of equal or greater value (except as otherwise indicated herein). Prize is not redeemable for cash. Federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the Grand Prize winner, who will receive a 1099 tax form reflecting the actual value of the Grand Prize.

  • Conditions and Limitations of Liability: By participating, each entrant agrees: (a) to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of Sponsor and Administrator, which shall be final and binding in all respects; and (b) to release, discharge and hold harmless each of the Promotion Entities, Meta Platforms Inc, Twitter Inc, Google LLC, Snap Inc, TikTok Inc, Mark Rober personally, each of their respective advertising and promotion agencies, any entity responsible for the administration of this Promotion, each of the foregoing entities' respective parent, subsidiary, related, affiliated and successor companies, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives and employees (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any and all actions, claims, injury, loss or damage, including, without limitation, death and bodily injury, arising in any manner, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from participation in this Promotion or any Promotion-related activity (including without limitation, any travel related thereto), and/or from entrant's acceptance, receipt, use or misuse of a Grand Prize (to the extent applicable) (including without limitation, any failure to pay taxes thereon). 

    By accepting prize, prize winners grant Sponsor and its designees permission to use his/her name, voice, likeness, photograph, Prize information, biographical data and city and state of residence on a winners' list (if applicable) and for programming, publicity and promotional purposes, worldwide in all forms of media now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, without further compensation unless prohibited by law. The preceding may also include recording of prize award/prize claim procedure as determined in the sole discretion of Sponsor. Sponsor and its designees are not obligated to use any of the above-mentioned information or materials but may do so and may edit such information or materials, at Sponsor's discretion, without further obligation or compensation. Promotion subject to the laws of the United States only. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. 

  • Disputes: To the fullest extent permitted by law, Entrant agrees that: (1) any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with this Promotion or the awarding of prizes shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by the United States District Court of California; (2) any and all claims, judgments and awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs incurred, including costs associated with entering this Promotion, but in no event attorneys' fees; and (3) under no circumstances will Entrant be permitted to obtain awards for, and Entrant hereby waives all rights to claim, indirect, punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages, other than for actual out-of-pocket expenses, and any and all rights to have damages multiplied or otherwise increased. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of the Entrant and Sponsor in connection with the Promotion shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of California or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of California.

  • Winners' List: For the names of winners, mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: CrunchLabs Platinum Ticket Instant Win Winners 2023, c/o Probability, PO Box D, Social Circle, GA 30025-1559. All such requests must be received by July 30, 2024. Winners’ list will be available after August 15, 2024.

    This Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Meta Platforms Inc, Twitter Inc, Google LLC, Snap Inc, TikTok Inc, You understand that you are providing your information to Sponsor and not to Meta Platforms Inc, Twitter Inc, Google LLC, Snap Inc, TikTok Inc.


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