About Us

Hello from CrunchLabs! We’re a very small team of fun-loving design dorks and engineering nerds led by Mark Rober, our Head EnginNerd & former NASA engineer. The CrunchLab itself is a massive, Willy Wonka-style Top Secret-Foam Pit-Glitter Bomb-Workshop-Prank Tank-Laboratory-Nerf battlefield-Clubhouse-Fun Factory in the SF Bay Area, where we create each original, buildable engineering toy & every super fun (and science-packed) video from scratch.

Our goal is to show kids and kids at heart how to Think Like an Engineer (because, who better to teach children engineering than childish engineers!?). To us, thinking like an engineer isn’t about a profession or degree path, it’s a hands-on approach that helps you accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Even if that’s… starting a toy company! We hope you have as much fun with our toys as we do.

- The CrunchLabs Team

Think Like an Engineer

"Thinking like an engineer means you’re resilient. It’s getting back up after being knocked down and approaching things differently. That determination helps kids tackle everyday challenges and it’s the same determination that puts rovers on other dang planets!" –Mark

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