ANNOUNCING: Class CrunchLabs (BETA)

An engaging and rigorous, hands-on science program for your middle school science classroom... for FREE!
Being developed in partnership with the NSTA, Class CrunchLabs is a supplemental curriculum resource designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


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  • Awe-inspiring video demonstrations of science phenomenon, hosted by Mark RoberEmily Calandrelli , Maynard Okereke, & Bob Pflugfelder
  • Hands-on investigations for the classroom
  • Video field trips to explore science careers
  • Comprehensive teacher and student resources (full OER)
  • Surprise celebrity guests...


- Mark Rober

NASA & Apple engineer turned famous YouTuber & science communicator, founder of CrunchLabs

Photo of Mark Rober in a NASA T-Shirts, Arms Folded



Sign up for free in 2 minutes, get full access to Unit 1 (Forces and Motion) videos and documents, then stay tuned for more in Fall 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, really free. The complete set of Class Crunchlab videos, lessons, and assessments are all free for teachers to use. The hands-on classroom activities and teacher demos are  designed with accessibility in mind, utilizing common household supplies that are easy to find and low cost. In the future, we may offer classroom kits for purchase if enough teachers ask us for them!

Class Crunchlabs is a supplemental science program designed from the ground up to help you engage students in all three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards in new and epic ways. Each unit includes high quality instructional materials, entertaining and educational content, hands-on activities, interactive assessments, and student resources that are designed to take up 1-2 weeks of classroom time. Going through an entire unit should help students meet a complete NGSS performance expectation, but it can be modified by you to fit your needs. Use as much or a little of it that works for you.

Yes! Our lessons, videos, demos, hands-on activities and support materials are specifically designed to align with NGSS and as well as most state standards.

Our initial focus for Class CrunchLabs is Middle School Science; however, we are interested in broadening to Elementary and High School grade bands in the future - so make sure to join our email list to stay in the know and help us expand!

No way - it’s much more. In addition to the videos, we walk you through interactive teacher demos and hands-on classroom activities. We provide comprehensive teacher guides with prompts and pedagogical strategies. We provide assessment opportunities, engineering design challenges, and graphic organizers for students. We also provide editable slide shows with the videos and student prompts embedded so you don’t have to. Each unit is being developed in partnership with NSTA, including input from classroom teachers to allow us to continue to iterate and improve the resources for you and your students.

And good news: Every video on our unit page is available as an embedded Wistia video (no classroom blocks).

Each unit is designed to take 1-2 weeks of classroom instruction for students to fully meet the performance expectation(s) assuming a 45 minute class period. However, the units are modular in nature so the activities and videos could be used for shorter segments if you don’t have time to complete the entire storyline.

Our program stands out in the online education video landscape for several reasons. Firstly, it strikes a unique balance between being wildly engaging for students while maintaining academic rigor, meeting the 3D instructional standards in the NGSS. 

We've also backed our approach with thorough research, drawing insights from a comprehensive study involving 1200 middle school science teachers in the US. Furthermore, our development process has been highly collaborative, with extensive input from teachers through our beta program, curriculum developers, and curriculum evaluators ensuring that our content is practical and effective in real classroom settings. We've prioritized ease of implementation by including teacher tips and tricks videos from respected educators like Science Bob.

Representation is a core value of our program, offering diverse perspectives and role models to students. This commitment to inclusivity works to foster a supportive learning environment for all students. 

Additionally, our program distinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on hands-on activities, particularly engineering design challenges.

Finally, our interactive assessment videos provide a dynamic learning experience that promotes active engagement and deeper understanding. These combined features make our program a standout choice for educators seeking high-quality, student-centered supplemental online education resources.

We sure do. There are interactive video-based assessments, formative assessment opportunities, and summative assessments that you can use.