Build Box Subscription (special offer)

Dang we sold out!

Since launching, the response has been overwhelming in the best way possible and the inventory that was supposed to last until November is totally gone in less than a week! To get your build box subscription started in time for the holidays, make sure to select “Join waitlist”.

In this plan:
  • 12 build-it-yourself toys, a new build to unbox each month
  • Unlock a new 15-20+ minute video from Mark Rober every month that teaches engineering superpowers
  • 12 chances to win a trip to the CrunchLab to hang out with Mark Rober
  • Free shipping in the US & discounted international shipping
  • Purchase an annual subscription upfront and get 2 months free, a $60 value (the discount is already included in the pricing shown on this page; no code is needed)

*This subscription automatically renews annually. Auto-renew can be turned off by calling or emailing customer service.

You pay:
$299.40 $359.40 (Billed annually)
We're sorry, limit 5 Crunchlabs Box Subscriptions per order, Contact for Bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We design each toy to be a little bit challenging for kids 8-12+, in the same way a good puzzle is challenging. But ours comes with a step-by-step illustrated instruction booklet along with a video of Mark Rober walking kids through each step. We test with 8-12 year olds extensively and prototype for months to make sure each toy is a smooth and enjoyable build. With the help of the video, the instruction booklet, and a dash of tenacity, kids can successfully and independently build and play with Build Box. 

CrunchLabs Build Boxes are designed for kids ages 8-12+, but plenty of other kids and adults have enjoyed them too! We test every product with third-party testing agencies to ensure the products comply with US and EU safety standards for kids ages 8-years and older. Parents and guardians can gauge the appropriateness for their kids, but we have worked hard to ensure a consistently enjoyable experience for the intended age range. 

We test every product with third-party testing agencies to ensure the products comply with US and EU safety standards for kids ages 8-years and older. The safety standards check to ensure the toy is safe and sturdy for its intended play and that unsafe chemicals haven’t been used in the toy production.

Nope! Everything you need to make the toy is included in the Build Box, even batteries. You will need an Internet connection and a kid-safe device to watch the Mark Rober video episode, but you don’t need the video episode to complete the build! In the booklet, we do offer ideas for additional games and challenges that may require other materials – but those are supplemental and not required for the main build and play.

If on the off chance there are parts missing, go to your account dashboard and visit the webpage for your Build Box. Fill out the form to request missing parts. If you have further questions contact  

It depends! We try to make each build 30 to 60 minutes on average for an 8-12 year old. If your kid likes to take a lot of breaks for snacks or to run around in circles, they can always come back later to finish.

Currently, we don’t offer an option to purchase individual Build Boxes (though that may come down the road.) If you want to be the first to hear about what we’ve got in store, join our mailing list!

Our build boxes are designed for one user, so we recommend a subscription for each kid.

Kinda. Potentially. Contact our customer support (, and we can figure out a solution together. In the meantime, we’re working on some interesting ideas for schools and teachers. Stay tuned.

Nope. Everything you need to complete each build comes in the box each month. These are just extras.

Not necessarily, but the Build Box extras are designed to be, well, extras for specific toys in the CrunchLabs Build Box subscription.