Camp CrunchLabs last year was such a huge success, we’re back for s’more! Welcome to your least boring summer ever.

Help Mark blow things up this summer!

We're gonna have a blast this summer (probably literally).

This is your invitation to Camp CrunchLabs 2024. Every single Saturday for the next 12 weeks, Mark Rober (and special guests) will bring you a brand new video or livestream, and regular challenges (that include the chance to win a trip to CrunchLabs).

Our roof barely survived last year, we had so much fun! So Camp CrunchLabs is back in the same format with new juicy physics and more super mega science experiments.

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Stay tuned! Camp CrunchLabs 2024 kicks off Saturday, June 1st. Every Saturday, new videos and livestreams (and corresponding challenges) will appear below. Enter the contest for each challenge!